Ann Amann

Suddenly everything changes

A love story, an account of experiences, a biography

by Ann Amann

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Great love, late happiness, then suddenly the end: the husband’s stroke. And now? Does «over» really mean «out»? No, because real love never ends, even if it changes. Ann Amann’s book «Suddenly Everything Changes» is a love story, an account of her experiences and a biography all in one!

Suddenly everything changes

What it's about

In her book, the Swiss Ann Amann writes about the two most intense years of her life. It is the life story of a strong woman who, herself from a lower middle-class background, moves to the «Gold Coast» of Zurich after her marriage, has two children and always fulfils everything that is expected of her. After divorcing her first husband, she builds up a business in tourism and meets the love of her life, Martin, in her late forties.

At their wedding they promise to care for each other forever. Ann Amann keeps her word.

After his stroke, she does not hand Martin over to the health system, but fights unconventionally and courageously for his good life. After trials and tribulations, she finds a new home for Martin and herself: Chiang Mai in Thailand, the land of smiles.

Often books that arise from personal involvement are first and foremost "soul cleansers" for the writers and rather difficult to access for outsiders. The book is touching. I was well entertained, learned a lot of interesting facts, recognised many things, laughed and yes, also cried. I find the mixture of personal consternation, description of reminiscences, reflection on the various situations, criticism and tips for possible solutions very successful. Congratulations!

Urs Frey
Film producer, Switzerland

It is unbelievable what you have had to endure! And what you have managed to do! I wish I had a "Gipsy" like that when I need one... As far as the care system here is concerned, you very aptly describe this mixture of excessive demands and lack of human commitment that one sometimes encounters. It's amazing how many patients and their relatives submit to this without criticism.

Anita Riecher-Rössler
Doctor, Switzerland

I read "Suddenly Everything Is Different" with the greatest enthusiasm. Devoured would actually be a better word. I'm usually a slow reader but I couldn't put this book down! Wonderfully exciting, a real "page turner", "Schlagartig alles anders" is ideally suited for all those whom life sends on an unexpected path. Written warmly and with a lot of sensitivity, it vividly shows the reader that anything is possible in life and that the difficult and unexpected can also be a springboard for a lot of positive things.

Pedro Simko
Entrepreneur, Geneva

The Author

About Ann Amann

Ann Amann shares her fate with the relatives of about 15,000 (Switzerland) and 270,000 people in Germany every year. Stroke is the third most common cause of death and the most common cause of disability in adults.

Ann Amann has a message: she is concerned with those people who fall off the grid; whether due to an accident, stroke or dementia, or simply because of old age. Any of us can face a major crisis in life and what happens then? Is life over then? Or do we give ourselves the chance to still make it beautiful, even if differently?

Her story is not a sad one, because she is a fighter and has found solutions. She reports on this to show as many people as possible that there are alternatives to the dreary “storage” in a nursing home. She finds this alternative in Thailand! It doesn’t have to be Thailand, it’s about quality of life, which we can ideally also grant in Europe if we have the courage to deal with it.

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