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My first birthday
without Martin

I faced my first birthday without Martin with mixed feelings. But my friends gave me a wonderful evening and proved to me once again that my life is full of love and wonderful people.

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27. January 2023, 12:01 Uhr

Author: Ann Amann

Last year, Martin and his angels arranged a real birthday show for me: one angel, Phasai, sang, one angel, Ni, performed Taekwondo together with her family and one angel, Chaa, introduced us to the world of Thai dance, and Martin participated in all the performances – it was one of my most beautiful birthdays I have ever experienced.

How I experienced my first birthday without Martin

This year, my birthday without Martin in person… only his spirit is accompanying me… I had mixed feelings… thanks to my wonderful friends I had a birthday which showed me that I am not alone, I am surrounded with so much love and people who care about me.

So thankful for so many wonderful people

Martin’s angels, who are now my angels, prepared with our French friend Jean Luc drinks and great food, Khun Dang and his band got us in the mood for singing, laughing and dancing and in addition Roman’s and Conor’s lovely performances – what a wonderful evening!

My birthday speach in honor of Martin

Life begins where fear ends

Big thank you for this great evening and for all the birthday wishes I got from all my friends who could not join my party.