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Three angels for Martin

Martin’s three angels were an unbeatable team: I was always touched and impressed how these three women worked together without envy or quarrels while supporting each other and always keeping Martin’s well-being in mind. How grateful I am for these wonderful people in my life!

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16. Oktober 2022, 12:04 Uhr

Autorin: Ann Amann

Martin’s daily respectively weekly routine

Martin was a late sleeper and was lucky to be able to sleep sometimes up to 12 hours in a row. For this reason, he usually didn’t get up until around 11am. After he showered and dressed with the help of Phasai and Ni, a big breakfast was ready for him. Ni usually prepared a large fruit plate with mixed exotic fruits, which he tried to eat by himself with a fork, followed by jam bread and yogurt, with Phasai helping, as well as drinking a fresh coconut and a cappuccino. The afternoons were filled with therapies, swimming, Pilates, massages, language training, etc. Around 4 p.m. Chaa prepared a small snack for Martin and afterwards he rested a little while watching TV in bed. Two to three times a week friends came over for dinner and then we played, sang and talked. We, the whole team  also regularly went out together to listen to some life jazz or to life concerts, which Martin loved very much – at 10pm was usually bedtime, where he would watch some TV. If he didn’t have guests, then the TV was usually turned on by 8pm.

The only exception to this weekly routine was Saturday – that was Martin’s “day off”. On Saturday there was usually an excursion on the program – a museum, a nice café by the river, a park or e.g. a lunch invitation at the home of our friend H in beautiful Mae Rim.